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Create a website that offers the same experience to its visitors no matter what device they use.
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In this mobile age, more Internet users than ever are accessing their favorite websites from their phones and tablets. They're paying bills, shopping, and looking up information on-the-go, or while watching TV. They're checking their email and scoping out sales from the comforts of their couches, without ever picking up a laptop or turning on their computers.

What if you could create a website that allowed your visitors to see your information, products, or services from their smartphones or tablets without zooming or excessive scrolling? What if you could offer them the very same experience that you currently give your desktop visitors?

Responsive websites can make this dream into a reality.

Responsive design refers to a method of website design in which the content of a page or site is automatically rendered to display properly no matter what the size of the screen on which it's viewed.

Believe it or not, you're looking at a responsive website right now. If you were to look at this same page on a different device, the menus or sidebar might look a little different, but the content would remain the same. That's exactly how a responsive site works—and that's the same kind of amazing experience you can give your customers, leads, visitors, or shoppers.

A responsive website gives your users the same experience no matter what kind of device they're on. Responsive design reduces hassle, boosts conversion rates, and keeps users on your site for longer. It unifies the browsing experience, and keeps your branding uniform across all platforms.

Inbound Marketing Inc. designs websites that are responsive from day one.

All new websites created by our award-winning web design team are responsive right out of the box. This means that as soon as your website is launched, your customers will be able to view it properly on every device, no matter what device they use.

We design sites that are responsive from day one because we know how important it is for websites to be mobile-friendly. We also know that dedicated mobile websites are costly to maintain, and are quickly becoming less favorable as time goes on. Your visitors want, and expect, a fully responsive website that offers them the same experience on all their devices. With our web design services, you can give them that experience.

If you want a top-of-the-line website created that works properly on all screen sizes, without having to invest thousands of dollars in a dedicated mobile website, responsive website design is the choice for you. Contact Inbound Marketing Inc. today to learn more about our responsive web design services.

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