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At Inbound Marketing Inc., we believe in growing our customers' websites through proven inbound marketing methods. We monitor and track changes in search engine traffic, customer conversions, and clicks on PPC ads. We design beautiful websites that keep your customers coming back for more, and perform social media campaigns that keep them engaged and interested. To put it simply: we get real results.

Want a sample of our results? This page will give you the proof you need to choose us as your Internet marketing partner. These customers have experienced success by working with our marketing experts—and if you sign up with us, you could be one of them, too.

Search Engine Traffic:

Client Percentage Timespan
Ceramcor 102% over 90 days
Wakefield Research 142% over 90 days
Yale Chase 89% over 90 days
Katherman Briggs & Greenberg 224% over 90 days
Chemfree 1475% over 90 days

Conversion Metrics:

Client Comparison
Comet Pumps From 2 Web leads/month to ~25 Web leads/month
AcneWizard Email newsletters increase daily revenue by 400% and conversion rate by 200%
Ask The Medical Specialist Conversion optimization increased conversions from none in 3 months to ~2 conversions/day
Bortek Industries Decreased bounce rate site-wide by 31%

Website Conversion Rate:

Client Percentage
One Call Rentals 111%
Keystone Collections 85%
Ambassador 63%
Sweeperland 116%

Cleveland Brothers


Pay Per Click - Click Through Rate:

Client Percentage Timespan
Switchname 300% over 14 days
Cadd Works 1000% over 90 days
Sweeperland 55% over 90 days
Dover Downs 26% over 90 days

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