How to Ace Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy in 7 Easy Steps

Move over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram — there’s another social media platform in town. If you're a business leader looking to expand your brand's influence on digital platforms, you can't afford to miss out on another essential website used by millions of users across the globe — Pinterest. Get ready to launch your Pinterest marketing strategy with these seven easy steps! (more…)

What Does GDPR Mean for Your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Whether you’re a business owner or experienced marketing professional, you’ve likely heard the about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). But while there’s a lot of talk surrounding this new law, many people still find themselves uncertain about the policy’s implications. Especially when it comes to how GDPR will impact inbound marketing strategies. What exactly is GDPR and how can you prepare your business for these upcoming changes? Below, we'll discuss the basics surrounding t...

Inbound Marketing for SaaS: The 5+ Things You Need to Know

A SaaS company meets with a new client, the results of an inbound marketing campaign
If you operate a business in the software as a service (SaaS) industry, you know it’s crucial to choose the right digital marketing strategy. That’s why more companies in the sector make inbound marketing their primary approach for earning sales, retaining clients, and more. Inbound marketing for a SaaS organization is an ideal option because it focuses on attracting — and maintaining — the interest of clients rather than resorting to old marketing tactics that push your company onto consumer...

The 7 Types of Content for Social Media That You’re Missing

Words are a powerful part of your business. Content is king, as they say. That's why companies are not only creating content marketing plans but extending them to their social media marketing strategy. What are the different types of content for social media, though? Keep reading to find out, as we’re outlining the seven types of content for social media that engage and entertain users across social media platforms, from Facebook to Instagram. (more…)

6 Benefits of Video Marketing that Your Business Can’t Ignore

Whether you're scrolling through your social media feed or browsing a website, video marketing is a strategy dominating every page on the Internet. Why? It works, which is why video marketing is a game changer for companies, from restaurants to manufacturers. Ready to learn about the six benefits of video marketing for your business? (more…)

Inbound Email Marketing: Everything You Need to Know

A graphic for inbound email marketing
As a business leader, you're driven by the constant desire to expand your brand's influence and visibility. What better way to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign — and lead generation results — than with the proven strategy of inbound email marketing? With email marketing, you can improve your lead generation efforts, plus boost your brand awareness by messaging your customers directly and showing them that they play a valuable role in your business. Ready to learn more ...

4 Ways to Track Traditional Marketing Efforts Digitally

Traditional marketing techniques, also known as outbound marketing, still have a presence in a largely digital world. However, the popularity is decreasing significantly due to the cost and risks associated. Most traditional marketing efforts have a long timeline from creation to delivery, and some traditional marketing techniques are simply outdated. Some examples of traditional marketing techniques include television commercials, billboards, and newspaper ads. If you like your traditi...

What Is a Microsite and Do I Need One?

Websites are a great way to showcase your company, expand your reach, and capture leads for your business. For some businesses, however, their company grows to a point where they have additional needs that can’t be met with their original website. The solution to the problem isn’t always as simple as just adding new pages – the most worthwhile solution is to create a microsite. Microsites are used when your business has a specific need that should be separate from your business site. Your ...

Why CRO Is Just as Important as SEO

Marketing spend is one area that you shouldn’t skimp on – after all, your allotted marketing budget determines how much you can advertise, what strategies you can implement, and overall, how much brand awareness and revenue you drive for your company. If you made the smart decision to spend a portion of your budget toward improving the digital presence of your business with search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM), it’s money well spent – however, you should also con...
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