Novelty Domains and SEO

Over the past few years, you may have seen a top level domain name that was used creatively to spell out something within the URL itself. Sites like or for example ("Google it") are examples of novelty domains. These are pretty cool, however, there is a very important issue that these domains have. The top level domain (the .ly or .it) may be country specific. Google geotags these domains to the specific country they are thought to only be in. This means you may not actual...
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How to Get More Stumbles

Are you looking to bring more traffic to your site? There are multiple ways of doing this from using social media tools, like Facebook and Twitter, to building content.. Today we will be focusing on bringing content and social media together in a ever popular social media platform. Combining these two will bring you StumbleUpon! If you’ve heard of StumbleUpon before 2010, then you might’ve been inclined to never get on the site again. When StumbleUpon first came out it wasn’t the most app...