5 Ways to Get and Keep More Facebook Likes on Your Business Page

Social media platforms are continuing to grow and take over the marketing world. Make sure your business stays ahead of the curve and continues to post and promote on social media. Keeping up with your Facebook page has become an essential part of running a business, so make sure you’re doing the most to drive the most traffic to your Facebook business page. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of having more likes and followers on your Facebook page and what to do to keep them engaged.

The Benefits of Having More Facebook Likes and Followers

Having a Business Facebook page is just one more way users find and engage with your business to see what you have to offer. But, just simply having the page isn’t enough. What’s the point of having the page if no one visits it and interacts with it?

Facebook likes and followers serve as a validation to you and users just discovering you. The more people who like your page and follow, the more legitimate your business appears (because it is, but new users don’t know that).

Just like multiple positive reviews and ratings serve as testimonials for your business, the same goes for likes and follows. It proves to users, especially new ones, that these many people have used and interacted with your company and recommend it to others also to try out.

Lastly, building a following base allows for more people to come across your content. Your followers are the first to see what’s happening with your business because it appears on their newsfeed, just as their friends’ and family’s posts do, as well. The more likes and followers you have on your page, the more people that will naturally see and interact with your content you post. It’s essential to have enjoyable content for your followers so they want to keep visiting your business’ posts on their feed.

How to Build and Keep a Facebook Following

Now that you understand the purpose and benefits of having Facebook likes and followers, how do you get to that point? There are a few ways to build your likes and followers to have a popular business page that people want to see often and interact with. Here’s how:

1. Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

First and foremost, make sure people can find your page easily. It’s wise to have a simple Facebook business name with a customized URL so people can search for your Facebook page and land on it.

Include ways to contact you outside of Facebook, like your business’ phone number, a website and the location’s address (if applicable). Make your page as easy to navigate and understand as possible, especially since Facebook has a quick and easy spot for all of these forms of contact right at the top of your page. Be sure to use their features because Facebook designed them to help your business grow!

Have a clean and appealing profile picture and cover image. This is the first impression users have of your Facebook business page, so make sure it looks attractive and up to date with relevant and eye-catching photos.

2. Create Enjoyable Content Worth Engaging With

Your content must be enjoyable for your audience to make them want to engage with and share it with other people. Share interesting articles and posts, create events or post appealing images and videos, just to name a few, will create interest that users will want to see.

The better the content you offer, the more your audience wants to keep it around on their newsfeed and share it to help gain even more followers for you.

Keep your current followers engaged on your page by posting often, but not too often and annoy them. Some pages work best with daily posts, and others work best with a few posts a week. Find a good amount of times to post and keep it consistent.

3. Invite Users to Like Your Page

Wait, you can do that? Yes! Facebook allows businesses to invite users to like their pages. This is such a simple way to build a following because it gives you recommendations on inviting users. The suggestions are typically users who have engaged with your posts in the past. These users have found your content relevant before, so it’s a good idea to remind them to like the page to see even more content relevant to them regularly.

4. Create ‘Exclusive’ Deals for Your Followers

Many users may not feel the need to like a page because, well, “what’s in it for them?” This is the perfect opportunity to show them what is in it for them: exclusive deals just for your followers!

Consider making your followers feel special by giving them exclusive deals for your business, like early access to sales, first to know about events, giveaways, and more! Give hesitant users a reason to like and follow your page by offering them deals just for being a follower.

5. Turn on Your Notifications and Interact with Your Followers

Now that you have your followers, be careful not to ignore them! Always engage with and interact with your followers (or potential followers) by liking their comments on your posts, answering questions, or making emotional connections.

Make your users feel comfortable with a sense of community from your page. Talking to and interacting with them brings them together and closer to your business. With a touch of emotional connections, your followers will get a sense of a person behind that screen and gain more trust.

Be sure to turn on your notifications for your Facebook business page! This will allow you to see your followers’ interactions with you live, rather than days later if you forget. Not only that, but it will please your followers if you have a quicker response time, especially with the messenger feature. Let your followers know that they are essential and valuable to you by staying engaged with them.

Need Help With Your Social Media Presence?

Running social media pages on top of your normal day-to-day activities for your business can be overwhelming and easy to forget about. Don’t let the idea of social media pages, especially your Facebook business page, overwhelm you. Let us help! Learn more about our social media marketing services.

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