7 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Content Strategy Overnight

With more than one billion users, Facebook is a must for any company’s social media strategy. It’s challenging to engage users on the platform, however, which is why businesses need a top-of-the-line Facebook content strategy.

Want to learn how to create one for your company? Start with these seven easy tips!

Keep your messages brief

While your audience may love blog posts, Facebook isn’t the best place to post pages worth of text. Most Facebook users browse through their feed fast, which is why a lengthy post isn’t likely to catch their attention.

Think about your posts from a user perspective.

Like you, they’re probably friends with dozens of people and follow numerous businesses and influencers. All those people are competing for your audience’s attention, which is why you need to hook users fast.

An example of a post introduction or description on Facebook

Plus, Facebook users may only dedicate a limited amount of time to scanning their feed. Whether they decide to skim through their feed during a lunch break or while on their bus ride home from work, they may only give a few minutes to Facebook.

While user attention is brief on Facebook, that doesn’t mean you should rule out long-form content. Instead, consider linking your Facebook followers back to your company site if they want to explore your lengthier content.

For example, you can preview a blog post on your Facebook profile. If users like, they can click the included link to visit your blog and read the complete post. It’s critical, though, to post an enticing preview.

2. Use attention-grabbing headlines

When you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, what are the chances you’ll click on an article you’ve already seen a dozen times before? If you share content that isn’t original, you can’t expect users to click on it.

One way to get your content noticed by others on Facebook?

Use intriguing headings that capture your audience’s attention.

If you’re sharing a recent blog post on sustainable clothing, the headline, “5 Ways You Can Reduce Pollution Through an Eco-Friendly Wardrobe,” is a step above the headline, “Sustainable Clothing Choices.”

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and think about what it would take for you to click on an article. Aim to create unique and original, as well as accurate, headings to convince followers to explore your content, profile, and website.

3. Understand your audience

You may produce top-quality content that’s grammatically sound and intriguing, but even the best material will fail to create a meaningful impact when it doesn’t reach the right audience.

A top Facebook content strategy will start with target audience research.

Before you draft your content calendar or scheduling your Facebook posts, you need to define who this content targets. It’s also critical to understand how this content fulfills a user need, like finding high-quality, eco-friendly clothing.

An example of Facebook content created for a specific audience

As you research your audience, ask these questions:

  • What’s the age range of your target market?
  • Does your branding tend to favor one gender over the other?
  • Do you want to target an audience with a specific income?
  • What pain points do consumers in your market have?
  • How does your product resolve consumer problems?
  • What does your target audience like about your competitors?

Answer these questions to provide your content strategy with a solid foundation. When you take this preliminary step, you improve the success and results of your social media marketing strategy.

4. Maintain a consistent schedule

When someone follows your business on Facebook, it’s because they want to stay up-to-date about your business. Some may follow to keep up with promotions, for example, while others want to hear about new products or services.

Either way, these followers have expectations when it comes to posting.

If your business typically shares new content three to four times per day, for example, users come to expect frequent posts from your company. Should that number shift to one to two times per week, engagement can drop.

For the best results from your Facebook content strategy, adopt a consistent posting schedule. With a regular schedule, you can maximize user engagement, build brand awareness, and keep your business top-of-mind.

It’s critical, however, that your team doesn’t overwhelm user news feeds. A company that posts 10 times a day, for example, won’t win over any users. In this scenario, the business is creating clutter in a user’s news feed.

5. Create infographics

Infographics are a great way to vamp up your Facebook content strategy because they combine your text with appealing visuals — which increases your chances of grabbing your target audiences’ attention.

The best part is that infographics can convey a ton of information in a short amount of time. You can also create infographics that share useful and informative content, which can help your business build trust and awareness with your market.

Before creating an infographic, it’s helpful to reference your market research. Look at what interests your audience, and find ways to compile those topics into different infographics.

6. Do more than advertise

Facebook is an excellent platform for advertising. That doesn’t mean your business should only advertise on Facebook, though. While ads can amplify your success, you want to provide users clicking on your ads with an active profile page.

Start by adding helpful and informative information to your Facebook page. For example, include your phone number, address, hours, and website so that users can contact or visit your location with ease.

An example of an about section for a Facebook page

Continue building your content calendar, as well as maintaining your posting schedule, so that new followers can explore past posts. If you have a helpful, timeless post, you can even pin it to the top of your page for easy reference.

7. Brainstorm your goals (and put them into practice)

While establishing your content marketing goals may seem like a no-brainer, far too many businesses overlook this crucial step when developing a marketing strategy for social media sites.

On a site like Facebook, you need to outline your objectives, plus the steps required to reach these milestones. Goals also provide your team with a roadmap, as well as something to work towards.

Come up with some goals for your Facebook content strategy with these questions:

  • What is our desired return on investment (ROI)?
  • What do we want to accomplish with content on this platform?
  • How can we produce content that leads to sales?
  • When can we expect to accomplish these content marketing goals?

Make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T. — Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely. Setting an S.M.A.R.T goal helps your business maximize its success by creating specific goals with a deadline.

It’s also essential for your team to monitor your progress.

For example, on a monthly basis, your team can assess your current strategy. Based on your findings, you can brainstorm and implement improvements to help your company reach its goals on time.

Is it time to make a change in your Facebook strategy?

If you’re struggling to produce content that reaches your audience on Facebook, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Use the tips mentioned above to improve your Facebook content and achieve your marketing and branding goals.

Need a little help getting started?

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