3 Ways to Increase Twitter Interactions

When you first start out on Twitter, this fast-paced social media network may seem a little… quiet, at least to you. Businesses, especially new ones, may have a difficult time finding customers to engage with, or getting any clicks on their links.

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Twitter, like every marketing method, takes time to bear fruit for your business. However, here are three ways that you can increase your interactions with Twitter users, convert them into followers, and get those valuable retweets and clicks.

1. Find the right time to post. Not all tweets are created equal, but sometimes even the best, most carefully crafted message can fall flat if it’s posted at the wrong time.

Do some experimenting with your tweets to find out if there is any correlation between time and clicks, retweets, or replies. If activity seems to spike around 5 PM, use a social media tool like Buffer, HootSuite, or TweetDeck to schedule your content for around this prime hour.

If you can’t find any correlation, try to post your best or “prime” content around the same time every day or week. This will give readers some sense of schedule or routine, and they may even come to expect your tweets.

2. Use calls to action. The tweets you see with “please RT” or “share if you like this” are there for a reason: because they work! These simple calls to action are sometimes all it takes to motivate someone to share your content or retweet you.

When you post a new tweet, think about what your goal is for it. Do you want retweets? If so, ask for them. Do you want clicks on the link you’ve included? Then say that. A simple “check out our blog post” or “click here to learn more” will probably suffice.

Don’t forget to thank anyone who follows that call to action, either. A thank you can go a long way online, and may make your content or tweet even more memorable than before.

3. Engage outside of Twitter. Although this may seem strange, sometimes the best way to increase your Twitter following is to, well, get off Twitter.

You should already be (and probably are) following blogs, websites, or other sites in your industry. Make a point to engage on these websites. Leave comments on blogs, participate in discussions, or post on forums. If your Twitter handle is included in your profile or comment, and if you regularly leave insightful comments, you’re likely to pick up a few followers this way.

Followers you gain through previous interactions are more likely to appreciate your content and engage with you in the future. As a bonus, by engaging with them, you’re more likely to have success with any future link building efforts you may try to make involving their site or blog.

These are just a few of the ways you can increase interactions on Twitter and gain more followers, retweets, and clicks on your links. If you have any Twitter tips you’d like to share with us, feel free to leave a comment!

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