Strategic vs. Tactical Marketing

All of the marketing techniques you employ for your website fall into two categories: strategic or tactical marketing. The two categories are interdependent, and chances are, you’re already utilizing both.

What is strategic marketing?

Strategic marketing is the larger, more overarching form of marketing, and it involves selling your products or services in a way that helps you achieve a goal.

Think about this kind of marketing as a wireframe that considers all of the long-term goals your company has in mind.

This kind of marketing doesn’t just involve your marketing team, but instead, requires the input of your whole team in order to consider whether or not your long-term goals are realistic.

For example, if one of your goals as a company is to expand your demographic, it is important to gain insight from your financial department as to whether or not you have the funds necessary to reach this goal. You might also consider talking to your design department to discuss whether or not they can carry out the necessary design projects.

What are the goals of strategic marketing?

The goals of strategic marketing and tactical marketing are the exact same; it is in the action that they differ.

Some examples of goals that you might consider for your strategic marketing would be, increasing your company’s sales, creating a new brand, taking on new demographics, or expanding your business.

Since these are all broad, long-term goals, you have to have to implement a detailed strategy—hence the name.

What is tactical marketing?

Tactical marketing is all of the detail that goes into the wireframe of your strategic marketing plan. Rather than looking at the overarching goals for the company, tactical marketing focuses on all of the detailed actions you need to take to reach those goals.

While strategic marketing considers the goals for the company, tactical marketing focuses on small details that will help to make the goal a reality.

Instead of the whole team working on the tactics of the marketing scheme, each will be handed off to its rightful marketer. For example, if the goal is to expand your demographic, and your strategy is to create a new design for your ad, the design department will take on this element. If another part of your strategy is to spend more money marketing to a wider range of customers, your financial department will be working on this tactic.

This differs from the way that every team worked to create the goal for the strategic marketing plan.

What are the goals of tactical marketing?

As previously stated, tactical marketing is based off of your strategic marketing plans.

This means that your tactical marketing is going to be far more detailed that your broader, strategic marketing goals.

Some goals that you may have would be to change your product, spend more or less money on any part of your marketing efforts, promote your product differently, or change the price of your product.

Are you utilizing both of these marketing schemes?

When selling your product or services, it is crucial that these two forms of marketing are present and working together. If they are, you’re on your way to more conversions!

If you feel like your strategic or tactical marketing schemes are lacking, we’re is here to help! We have a team of marketers that can help you with all of your long-term goals and detailed marketing plans. Contact us for more information!

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