How to Optimize Your Site for Conversions

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is one of the hottest topics among businesses that want to compete. Being able to increase your CRO will not only help you improve revenue streams, but it will also enhance your ability to predict cash flow in the coming quarters. In order to get the highest CRO possible, you must consider all the factors that go into conversion improvement.

Below are some of the best practices when it comes to high-level CRO. If you don’t have the manpower (or the time) in-house to employ these methods of CRO, it’s time to partner with a web marketing company that does.

10 Best CRO Practices

Here are 10 of the top CRO practices you can employ to increase your website’s performance:

  1. A/B Split Testing: The A/B split test is alive and well in modern CRO. Split tests offer the unique opportunity for you to determine which web page converts best. Over time, continuous split testing will help hone your CRO to the point where you can reliably predict performance. Don’t forget that many new apps are now equipped to run mobile A/B split testing, too. As mobile usage continues to grow, these apps are likely to flourish.
  2. Social Media Integration: Are your social media sites and posts integrated with your website? How do they leverage human nature on social media platforms? CRO can be heightened by making use of your social media channels. As more people join you on social media, others will naturally follow. This leads a chain of new users to your site, allowing you to convert them.
  3. Headline Optimization: You might not be a newspaper editor or copywriter, but it’s time to start thinking like one. Strong headlines not only generate better keyword optimization via search engines, but they attract visitors to your web pages to continue reading. Plus, they make your social media links stickier.
  4. Action-Oriented Web Page Copy: Is your current web page copy active or passive? In other words, are you creating a problem and then showing your prospective customers how to solve it using your product, service, or solution? It takes time to evaluate all your web pages for active-oriented web copy, but it’s a valuable way to increase CRO.
  5. Form Field Reduction: Does your site have at least one form? Check it over to see if there are any items that only serve to annoy your visitors. Choose to keep fields that matter to you. This often helps boost conversions because people are less likely to bounce away from a form that’s short and sweet.
  6. Video Explanations: We all know by now that long-form copy is useful, but not for every page. How do you explain something complicated or involved on your website without getting too wordy, though? The answer can be through well-created videos. The videos don’t have to be professionally produced (although they should be scripted and easy to understand). They just have to be one more way for people to understand what you’re offering. Those who are interested can watch the video and get more info without having to read tons of copy. One note of caution: Let your audience choose when to start the video. Videos that instantly begin can be annoying to some users.
  7. Call to Action Updates: When was the last time you updated all your call to actions? You may discover that some of them are worded awkwardly or are irrelevant. Go over your call to actions on your website and see if they are strong and clear. If they aren’t change them and see if your CRO changes, too.
  8. Copy Edits: Most web copy hasn’t been edited in a while, if ever. You’ve probably seen plenty that’s lackluster — maybe on your own site. Get someone to edit all your copy, making it crisp, concise, and fresh. You’ll get a twofold benefit from this. First, your visitors will appreciate the way you’re speaking to them. Secondly, Google will like having new copy to crawl.
  9. Webpage Decluttering: How much is going on at your website’s pages? Do you have some that could use a thorough decluttering? It’s common to find web pages that are cluttered with so much information and so many calls-to-action that visitors simply leave out of confusion and frustration. Clean up your webpages, and you’ll be in a better position to get higher conversions.
  10. Photo Updates: We’ve all seen enough stock photo images to last a lifetime. While some stock images are definitely appealing, many have been overused and give a very cold face to your site. Consider working with a professional photographer, graphics designer, or other type of artist to add personalization to your site.

By scrubbing your website from top to bottom, you’ll be able to enjoy better CRO. You’ll also be setting yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

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