How Coding Can Help Your SEO Campaign

The world is full of technology – that is something that is not going to change anytime soon. Some people are doing their best to keep up with the times, while others are just being happy users of the latest iPhone.

The problem lies in those who are content with using, and not understanding. For the SEO companies out there who have a handle on different coding skills, they have the leg up! Not understand coding can hinder the results of your client and in turn, your business. If you are a search engine optimization specialist with coding skills, you are on top of it. If you are on the other half of this spectrum, you may have some work to do. Don’t become a grandmother of the Internet, learn as much as you can to retain that teenager ability to use the Internet!


Websites are a key part of SEO, obviously. When a designer or developer gives the SEO expert the completed site, the SEO will hopefully do some additional tests on the site. If they come across a problem or two, it would be inconvenient for employee to give it back to the developer (unless it is a big problem, of course.) If the problem were small, the employee would be able to fix it their self. This adds to the convenience of knowing the coding and will allow the site to go live faster.

One Man Team

If you have just started your own SEO company, you may be the only employee for the time being. Though you probably won’t be building sites from scratch, you will have to add some text here and there. With background experience in coding, this task will be easily completed.


Most SEO people know that a great tip to draw in an audience is to have keywords throughout your page and in the URL (but never keyword stuff!) If you are using a site builder such as WordPress, Joomla, or other content management systems, they usually come included with plugins that make creating a search engine friendly URL easy. If you are not using these, you may need to address your permalink structure within your .htaccess file. Either way, some coding would be required.


When you are working with a website, you can make the most of it by understanding the coding that is behind it. This goes for software, too! Think of it this way. How are you suppose to marketing something you don’t understand? You need to do your research to make sure what you are saying is clear and makes sense for the group that will be consuming it.

Market Yourself

If you are an SEO expert looking for a job, having coding skills makes you that much more marketable. Sometimes you have to market yourself before you can market others.

So when you go to optimize a site for those Google crawlers or going into a job interview to have your history and experience crawled, having an understanding of the mechanics behind the scenes will upgrade you to the next level of SEO.

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