7 Email Marketing Types That’ll Revolutionize Your Campaign

Email marketing is an excellent way to build brand trust while communicating any crucial information fast. While a letter in the mail may go overlooked, an email is a surefire way to grab your audience’s attention. Emails are fast, easy to access, and convenient.

There are a ton of email marketing types, however.

With so many different approaches to this vital marketing tactic, you may find yourself wondering how to craft the most successful messages with the highest open and click-through rates. The best way to reach your email subscribers focuses on using different types of emails.

Keep reading to learn all about the seven most popular email marketing types!

1.      Welcome emails

Whenever you gain a new subscriber, it’s important to show that you value their decision to join your email list. That’s why welcome emails are one of the best email marketing types to use for new clients — no matter what your business sells.

When you meet a new colleague or acquaintance, you likely make sure to introduce yourself and provide a little information about yourself. Gaining a new subscriber generally works in the same way. They offer some details about themselves, and then you welcome them.

Set up an automated welcome email that sends when someone signs up for your company’s email newsletter

Set up an automation system that sends out a welcome email every time a subscriber signs up for your company’s email newsletter. Make sure your welcome email comes with an inviting and welcoming tone, as you want to make users feel secure in their decision to subscribe.

If you can, personalize the email with the subscriber’s name to enhance their experience.

2.      Inactive subscribers

While it’s important to interact with your new readers, don’t forget to send messages to your existing subscribers, too. When it seems like a portion of your subscribers aren’t demonstrating the level of engagement that they once did, consider kick-starting a reengagement campaign.

Determine whether you can get this percentage of your audience interested in your content.

If not, consider removing inactive subscribers from your email list. You can send an email to inactive subscribers that asks them to confirm their subscription. If they don’t submit their confirmation in a designated period, you can then remove them from your list.

Over time, people may change their emails, forget passwords to their previous emails, or lose interest in specific businesses. When you clean your email list, you can focus on sending messages to your active audience. It’s quality over quantity.

3.      Promotions

When you’re running a sale or promotion for your products or services, you want to get this information out to current and potential customers as quickly as possible. Many marketing promotions are time-sensitive, so these announcements need to reach your clients fast.

Fortunately, emails are the perfect method of communication for this marketing tactic.

Use eye-catching headlines to alert customers about your upcoming promotions and to act

Use eye-catching headlines that alert customers about your upcoming promotions to increase your click-through rates. Once your clients know that you’re running a sale, you can get them interested and convince them to explore your website for more information.

In some cases, you may even use this email marketing type to offer exclusive promotions for email subscribers. The email, for example, may include a coupon code that subscribers can use on their next purchase, service appointment, or another transaction.

4.      Newsletters

Does your business want to keep its clients informed and in-the-know about the latest events happening in your company? Newsletters are an excellent way to stay in touch with your customers without necessarily sending a flurry of emails to their inbox.

Use newsletter emails to grow your list of subscribers by offering your readers valuable information in these messages. Consider sharing information relevant to your industry, fun education pieces, and more.

You can even include exclusive content in your email newsletters that readers won’t find elsewhere. For example, you may offer a guide to email subscribers or provide articles that don’t appear on your website.

5.      Confirmation and order status emails

If you have an ecommerce business, sending out a confirmation email after your customers make a purchase is crucial. When you place an order online, don’t you like knowing that your purchase went through? Your customers are likely to feel the same.

Whether your client is booking a flight with your business or purchasing subscription box, a confirmation email that confirms the status of an order is a helpful way to keep your shoppers informed.

A confirmation email is a helpful way to keep your shoppers informed and prevent miscommunications

It also provides them with the assurance that you’ve received their order.

Confirmation emails can help free up any confusion related to orders too. This benefit can decrease the likelihood that a customer will contact your customer service line for support, which can prevent an overwhelming amount of traffic to your customer support team.

With this type of email marketing email, you keep your clients and staff happy.

6.      Birthday and holiday emails

What better way to show your subscribers that they’re a valued component of your business than by sending them a special message on their birthday and holidays? One of the best ways to ensure that your email marketing is successful comes from connecting with your readers.

Sending well wishes to your clients — whether on a favorite holiday or their birthday — is an excellent way to show that you value them. This email also keeps your company fresh in their mind.

Since birthdays and seasonal holidays are also a time for shopping, many businesses may find it beneficial to send out an email with an accompanying promotional code or discount on these special days.

These emails can help your company increase sales and drive brand awareness and loyalty.

7.     Forgotten shopping cart emails

While many email marketing types focus on getting readers curious about what’s inside, your customers may already have an active interest in your products. In fact, they may have even added a few of your items to their shopping cart while browsing your company’s website.

If a customer abandoned their virtual shopping cart and never fulfilled their order, be sure to remind them to take action by sending a quick email telling them that their products are available and ready to be purchased.

Send reminder emails to shoppers that abandoned their shopping carts to motivate them to complete their purchase

Whether your customer accidentally clicked off your company’s website or got distracted while browsing the products on your site, a quick reminder email can provide them with the incentive they need to finalize their purchase.

You can even go the extra step of providing product recommendations, based on their cart.

Are you ready to maximize the results of your email marketing campaign?

While email campaigns are an effective way to reach your audience, it’s crucial to ensure that you use the proper strategies to generate the most success. You want your emails to bring value to your business and readers.

That value can include providing relevant and helpful content that results in leads and sales.

Ready to start reaping the benefits of email marketing? Get started now!

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