9 Tips for Writing Better Content

It’s no secret that content is a huge factor when it comes to search engine rankings.

Not only does content affect your ranking in search engine results pages, but it’s also what searchers come to your site for. You want your content to meet the needs of visitors to your site, whether it’s to learn more about a topic, get their questions answered, or to make a purchase.

Every business wants to create the best and most relevant content for searchers in their target industry and beat out the competition to get the most traffic. So how can you produce the best quality content and make your content stand out?

Here are our 11 tips for writing better content for your site:

1. Do competitive research

Look at what your competitors are doing. What kind of content do they have on their site? What is their main focus? Are they educating their site visitors on certain industry topics?

Try taking a different approach to topics that your competitors are writing about and encourage searchers to think about things differently when they visit your site.

Look for competitors’ content that may be out of date and create content that gives the latest on topics that were popular in the past. Most importantly, make note of what’s not being covered in your competitors’ content.

Writing new content for searchers and staying one step ahead of upcoming trends and frequently asked questions will encourage searchers to read your content over your competitors’ content.

2. Pay attention to quality

Remember that rankings on Google are based on the quality of content.

Make sure everything in your content is included for a specific reason. Do your research and make your content both educational and appealing to site visitors. You will see an increase in engagement with your content if you pay attention to how your content is laid out.

Attract searchers to your site with attention-getting titles, images and infographics, and short, specific descriptions. Putting extra time into creating your content will pay off for how you rank in search engine results!

3. Provide value

Creating content that provides value stems from understanding search intent. What are people asking about?

Create content that is a resource for searchers. Convince readers that they can always rely on your site’s content to provide them with the answers they are searching for without wasting their time. Include statistics and industry notes that entice visitors to your site to look deeper into your content to learn more.

4. Call out your readers

Make your content a direct form of communication with visitors to your site.

Having relatable, easy to read content gets people interested in your content and feel compelled to continue reading it. Think in the mindset of searchers- that they want to get exactly what they’re looking for, as fast as possible, and also think about what would compel you to click on a search result.

Use second person and an active voice when writing in order to build that close connection with those reading your content.

5. Make it simple

Something that may be overlooked when writing content is remembering to simplify your content for your readers.

When searchers land on your site, they skim your content to see if it is what they are looking for. Using a clean layout such as bullet points, a numbered list or even just including bolded headings will make your content easy to read and make the main points of your content stand out.

Remember to also use words that are clear and easy to understand. Avoid using multi-syllable words or terms that are specific to your niche. This will make sure your content is accessible and understood by all visitors to your site, whether they are professionals in your industry or someone looking to just learn more.

6. Encourage sharing

Make sure your content is easily shareable.

When searches find a great answer, they want to share it! Include buttons on your site that allows people to easily share your content on multiple social platforms.

7. Proofread

Remember to always proofread your content! You want to be a professional in your industry and nothing is more discouraging to searchers than finding content that is poorly written.

Having multiple eyes look over your content before you publish it is also important because you will commonly overlook mistakes in content you have written yourself.

8. Don’t try to sound smart

Create content that naturally shows that you are knowledgeable in your niche. Avoid writing content that makes you sound smart or using big words to try and impress your readers.

Make sure all of your content is consistent in the type of language that you use and your writing style. By doing so, searchers will come to know what to expect from your content and trust that they can continue coming back to your site for answers.

9. Pay attention to what works

Look at already published content and analytics to see which pieces are getting the most visits and highest engagement times. What are the characteristics of those pieces of content?

Don’t compare yourselves to other sites that have different content writing styles than you since it will be attracting a different type of audience. Also, pay attention to what people are commenting on your content. Use your readers’ feedback to continue to make your content even better!

Start Writing Better Content Today!

Quality content leads to higher rankings in results pages, more traffic to your site and ultimately more conversions for your site. While creating perfection in your content is impossible, investing your time and energy into research and partnering with a professional and reliable internet marketing company will help you write better content for your site and your intended audience!

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