5 Awesome Inbound Marketing Tools

When it comes to inbound marketing, there are a lot of strategies to ensure that you’re getting the most from your campaign.

However, what tools can you use to increase the productivity of those strategies?

We’ve gathered our top five favorite inbound marketing tools to help your campaign be even more successful.


Hootsuite is the ultimate social media multitasking tool that shows all of your accounts in one place.

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How much does it cost?

Hootsuite has four different pricing tiers that include different multitudes of analytics, number of users and number of social accounts.

Professional $9.99 per month Allows one user 10 social profiles, real-time analytics, auto-scheduling and more.
Team $34.99 per month Allows up to five users 20 social profiles, customized analytics, bulk scheduling and more.
Business $99.99 per month Allows more than five users 50 social profiles, data exports, published approvals, 6 social templates and more.
Enterprise Custom Custom Custom

What does it manage?

Nearly every one of your social media platforms.

How can it help my inbound marketing campaigns?

Hootsuite saves time for you and your business when using social media marketing.

One of the biggest perks is how it allows you to watch your social media accounts all in one place. One of the biggest benefits of this feature is allowing you to see what people are saying about your brand when they say it and helping you to respond nearly instantaneously.

Weekly email reports allow you to see your most popular links, information on the people who click them, and more.

This allows you to better target your audience and get a good idea the content they want.


Followerwonk is all about enhancing your Twitter presence. Not only can it help your target users, but it also gives you important analytics that help you decide when to post your content and what kind of content to provide.

followerwonk website screenshot

How much does it cost?

Followerwonk gives three different pricing and account options —“connect,” “target,” and “multitask.”

Connect Free Limited access to analytics and optimization features, limited search volume
Target $29 per month Up to 3 profiles, access to analytics and optimizations, unlimited Twitter searches and more.
Multitask $79 per month Up to 20 profiles, unlimited Twitter searches, up to 5,000 keyword search results and more.

What does it manage?

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.

How can it help my inbound marketing campaigns?

Followerwonk can help your inbound marketing campaign in a few ways.

It allows you to hand-craft your Twitter community by letting you find users by location, job title, and interests. This helps you to better target the perfect audience for your business.

Of course, you’ll get more features with each tier, but the basic tier still allows you to search bios, compare, and analyze users.


Wistia is the video hub of your company’s dreams. It keeps all your videos in one place and helps your videos show up in Google results pages.

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How much does it cost?

Free Free Up to five videos Includes branding on playback
Pro $100 per month Up to 150 videos No branding on playback
Premium $300 per month More than 150 videos Advanced account management and more.

What does it manage?

Your video marketing campaigns.

How can it help my inbound marketing campaigns?

Wistia can help your inbound marketing campaign by securing all of your videos in one place.

It also helps your videos rank in search engine results pages and gives you options for presenting your videos, like embedding them in email marketing campaigns.

There are a lot of other perks as well, such as data maps that show what parts of video users watched. Wistia also encodes your videos with HTML5so they play flawlessly on any device.


Docalytics analyzes and grades your documents so you know exactly how to improve them. However, the criteria for how isn’t obvious.

It offers lots of great data concerning the success of your content and who looks at it, giving you the insight you need to produce the most successful content for your site.

docalytics website screenshot

How much does it cost?

Pro $35 per month Unlimited stored documents, Docalytics branding
Premium $45 per month Email Inbox integration, branding-free viewer experience
Team Custom pricing shared team content folder, integration with Salesforce.com CRM

What does it manage?

Analytics of your webpages and written content to see what parts are engaged with the most.

How can it help my inbound marketing campaign?

Docalytics helps your inbound marketing campaign by tracking what content your viewers interact with and how they found it.

Not only do you get overall analytics for your content, but each piece of content you produce receives a grade based on how users interacted and suggests areas to improve.

In the long run, all of these features help you generate more leads.


A site that’s all about comparisons, Optimizely lets you test different aspects of your website, such as funnel tests, A/B tests, cross-browser tests, and more.

optimizely website screenshot

How much does it cost?

Optimizely offers three plans — “standard,” “professional,” and “premium.” All three offer A/B testing for your website.

Standard $999 per month Multivariate testing and some analytics
Professional Custom pricing Same as standard plan plus funnel testing, report annotations and more.
Premium Custom pricing Same as professional plan plus geo-targeting, time of day targeting and more.

What does it manage?

Testing elements of your website to see which performs the best.

How can it help my inbound marketing campaigns?

A/B testing helps your inbound marketing campaigns by helping you make the best choices for your website. Testing different versions of your pages lets you find the best way to increase conversions, visitors, time on page, and other valuable metrics.

What do you think?

Have you used any of these tools in the past? What are your favorite tools?

We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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